I paint, draw, photograph, make videos, objects, installations, costumes, masks, props, rooms and light for theater and ritual.


For me, art has a lot to do with devotion and feeling – despite all the reflection, there is that which does not need to be understood, that is the secret.

I love to create, to be creative and in flux and to paint over and over again. And also when thoughts and ideas have materialized and something dissolves and works out, aesthetically convincing and happy.

With the present as glasses, I look at what and who surrounds me, near and far, get in touch – and see my creations in context and interwoven with a larger whole, then I let go of my gaze again, blurring into sparks of light and waves dissolve. I recognize connections, also in the old days and ahead.


I was born in Nuremberg in 1975 and have lived mainly in Munich since 2004. When I was thirteen I won first prize in an international painting competition – my first trip to India. After graduating from high school, I learn wood carving in Oberammergau. Then I study costume and stage design with Prof. J├╝rgen Rose at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. At that time, my artistic orientation was reflected in the transition from theater to visual arts. I am interested in Greek tragedy. I experience key moments for my performance practice as an actress, as “Antigone” in an amphitheater (from 300 BC) in northern Greece. After completing my studies, I assist with drama and opera at the Giessen City Theater and also have my own productions in children’s and youth theater. Working at the institutionalized theater is, however, not very satisfactory for me. I dedicate myself more to painting again. In Munich I am completing a postgraduate course in artistic design and therapy with Gertraud Schottenloher at the State Academy of Fine Arts. The imagery of the soul fascinates me, as does our collective unconscious and working with human consciousness. I continue to go my own artistic path. This is followed by performances, private and in public space, collaborations, video projects, works on paper and painting experiments. As an art therapist, I work in the psychiatric and psychosomatic field at clinics. I am always able to travel and quench my thirst for inspiration from intercultural experiences. The work with masks continues to develop and the ritual as a format is gaining in importance. At the TheaterAtelier Munich, where I start as a freelance artistic-therapeutic employee after completing my postgraduate studies, I take over the workshop management and 2020 – 2022 in the years of corona and upheaval the overall management.